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Tuesday – Saturday 18:00 – 24:00


Gourmet Gasthaus Freyenstein
Thimiggasse 11
1180 Vienna
+43 664 43 90 837

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Relaxed & casual on a high level!
For 12 years Gourmet Gasthaus Freyenstein is working according to this principle.

A 5 course menu, consisting out of 2 different dishes per course, is daily fresh cooked. Sometimes the two different dishes complement each other, sometimes they are a little contrary to each other.

We focus on seasonal and diverse products, which we purchase from our regional partners like Biohof Weber, Butcher’s Shop Höllerschmid and cheese Jumi. In addition to the local producers we also have international partners.

This gives us the possibility to combine dishes from the classic Viennese cuisine as well as from the European cuisine. Varies menus are reinterpret creatively according to our taste.

The same thoughts and attitude applies to our wines:

Regardless of whether it is a wine accompaniment or a bouteille:
We focus on wines from the best vineyards in Austria – complemented by one or the other international classics.