Meinrad Neunkirchner

How do you picture a chef who has trained with and worked alongside culinary legends like Eckart Witzigmann of Aubergine in Munich, earned his stripes at world-class restaurants like Troisgros or Marc Meneau, then proceded to receive no less than three Gault Millau toques upon his return to Austria?

You’d be forgiven to expect to see nothing but a big ego in a starched white chef’s uniform.

Despite his illustrious career in the culinary world, pomp and circumstance have no place in the 50-year-old Viennese’s kitchen. Instead, chef Neunkirchner puts the spotlight on those who deserve their place on a pedestal: wild herbs and local products which in many cases are short in supply or have very limited seasons. Through excellent relationships with the best purveyors in the country, he might secure a crate brimming with crayfish from Lower Austria or a basket of rare vegetables with obscure and sometimes rather amusing names. Or someone might drop off a punnet of wild cherries or a bunch of roots which no other chef would even know how to prepare.

Freyenstein’s guests are thus in for a real treat: creative cuisine enjoyed in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, no strict dress codes and stiff waiters, but a whole lot of love for good food. How to make such simple things as a cucumber salad taste so incredibly good is one of the many secrets of a well-seasoned chef who knows unusual ingredients like elderflower vinegar, dandelion syrup, cow parsley oil and candied rosehips like the back of his hand.

Freyenstein – degustation menu

Freyenstein does not offer a menu in the traditional sense. Meinrad Neunkirchner prepares a new and unique variation of delectable dishes every time. A typical degustation menu will consist of about a dozen small dishes in a succession of five courses.
The degustation menu is priced at 48.00 Euro plus a 4.80 Euro cover charge.

Contact us:

Gourmet Gasthaus Freyenstein
Eva Homolka & Meinrad Neunkirchner
Thimiggasse 11
1180 Vienna
Phone: +43 664 4390837

Opening hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 6pm till midnight

Please call us to make your reservation.
We are looking forward to welcoming you at Freyenstein!

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